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15 New Windows 10 Features You Need to Start Using

Whether you’ve started using Windows 10 since its release or just recently, you’ve probably noticed how different it is to any previous version of Windows.

However, no matter how long people have been using Windows 10, there are always new features in the operating system that people don’t even know about.

Listed below are 15 amazing Windows 10 features. Some of them were present from the beginning, but many of them were added to the operating system only in the last year.

1. Windows Launcher Android Integration

If you install the Microsoft Launcher app on your Android phone, it will open up an impressive array of ways to sync and integrate your Android phone with your Windows 10 computer.

With this app installed, you can:

How to pair Android and Windows 10 PC

To establish this connection between your phone and your Windows 10 PC, you just need to install the Windows Launcher app on your Android phone.

Then on your Windows 10 PC, click the Start menu, type Phone, and click Link Phone.

If you don’t see your phone in the list, click Add Phone to link your Android phone.

Then install the Your Phone app from the Windows Store on your Windows 10 computer. After you’ve granted the app on your phone with all the permissions you need, you can launch the Your Phone app on your computer to interact with it.

You will be able to view recent messages or send text messages directly from your computer.

You can also view photos on your phone and transfer them back and forth easily.

It’s a great way to improve your mobile experience by combining the performance of your mobile device and Windows 10 into one.

2. Cloud clipboard

You are probably already familiar with pressing Ctrl-C to copy selected items to the clipboard. But now you can press Windows Key-V to paste the selected items from the cloud clipboard, which you have access to from any of your devices.

Turn on the cloud clipboard by going to “Settings”, click on “Clipboard” and enable the clipboard and sync across devices.

To use this feature once enabled, simply select the item you want to copy, press Ctrl-C as usual, and then press Windows Key-V to see the cloud clipboard when you paste.

Using this clipboard to copy items means that even if you turn off one Windows 10 PC, you can sign in to another using the same Microsoft account and access the same clipboard items.

3. Clip and draw

You’ve probably used Print Screen for years to create screenshots in Windows 10. But Snip & Sketch takes screenshots to a whole new level.

You don’t need to enable anything if you’ve updated your Windows 10 installation with the latest updates. Press Shift – Windows Key – S to start screenshot.

What sets Snip & Sketch apart from traditional Print Screen is that you can capture non-standard areas if you want (pick a freehand tool first), and after capturing the screen, you can edit and mark it with your own sketches. or notes.

Installing third party screen capture software is now a thing of the past.

4. Write with your own voice

For many years, voice dictation has been the thing for which you have to buy expensive software. Now you only need Windows 10. Speech recognition and voice dialing are now built right into the operating system.

To enable this, simply go to Settings, click on Speech and turn on Internet Speech Recognition.

After enabling this feature, every time you have an application that requires you to enter text, you can press the Windows key – H and type with your voice instead.

During our testing, we found that voice recognition was very accurate and took no time at all to learn voice.

Using this feature in Microsoft Word works well because Word automatically capitalizes sentences and the word “period” automatically inserts the correct ending character.

This feature is also great for quickly dictating emails or instant messaging with friends.

5. Participate in Skype

If you buy a new Windows 10 PC, you’ll see Skype comes out-of-the-box. Every time you right-click any file in Windows Explorer or click Share this page in Edge, you’ll see Skype listed in the options at the bottom of the sharing window.

You’ll also notice that there are a number of other apps that appear in the sharing window as well, including the Snip & Sketch tool, Facebook, Twitter, and OneDrive. Although these apps need to be installed separately.

6. Secret start menu

One thing that was very annoying about Windows 10 when it first came out was how difficult it was to find those core areas of Windows that are so easy to find in the traditional Start menu.

You haven’t lost it in Windows 10. Actually it is accessible through the “secret” Start menu by right-clicking the Windows Start menu. From here you can access commonly used areas such as:

You don’t need to be upset anymore. Just right click.

7. View or peek at the desktop

This feature is especially useful when you have information stored on your desktop, such as when you use desktop widgets to view system characteristics.

You can take a look at the desktop by hovering your mouse over the small vertical button strip in the lower-right corner of the taskbar. Just hover your mouse over or click on the desktop to minimize all open windows and switch completely to the desktop.

Just click it again to restore all windows again.

8. Slide to shutdown

This is a very cool trick that only works in Windows 10. It is a utility that is a full-screen slider that you can drag to the bottom of the screen to turn off your computer.

To configure this, simply right-click on your desktop, click New and select Shortcut.

Paste the following text into the text box.

% windir% System32 SlideToShutDown.exe

Click Next and Finish.

Now when you want to shut down your computer, you don’t have to click to find the shutdown option. Just double-click the icon and drag the bar to the bottom of the screen to turn off your computer.

9. Windows 10 God Mode

Just like most video games have a “god mode” that gives you superhuman abilities, Windows 10 has a god mode that gives you super-human computer skills.

Just right click on your desktop, select New and click Folder. Rename the folder as:

GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Opening this folder, you will see a long list of advanced administrative features such as:

The contents of this folder are an experienced user’s dream come true. Everything you need is always at hand.

10. Show assignment

Even though Task View has been a part of Windows 10 for a while, many users are unaware of its existence. Those who have actually achieved huge productivity gains.

The task view icon is in the taskbar to the right of Cortana’s search box. It looks like a film strip.

By clicking on it, you will see a list of all open applications, and if you scroll down, you will even see all the files and applications that you opened earlier. You can switch to any open (or previously open) application or file simply by clicking on it in the task view.

11. Virtual desktop computers

If you want to take your productivity to a whole new level, drag any of your open applications to the New Desktop icon at the top of the Task View.

This creates a new virtual desktop session that you can switch to and focus on your current task. This is great for creating one session for social media or web browsing, as well as another desktop to fully focus on your work.

Switch between desktops in the Task View or by pressing Ctrl + Windows + Left Arrow / Right Arrow.

12. A transparent command prompt window

Using a command prompt window is very common when working on your Windows system. But sometimes the command window itself can get in the way when you want to see the effect of the commands you enter.

You can work around this by making the command prompt window transparent.

  1. Open a new Command Prompt window by clicking the Start button, typing a command, and choosing Desktop Command Prompt.
  2. Right-click the title bar and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties window, click the Colors tab.
  4. Reduce the Opacity to about 60%.
  5. ol>

    You will be able to see directly through the command window itself and observe the action of each command you enter.

    13. Close post

    You will no longer need to connect your devices to your computer via a USB cable. Windows 10 has a sharing feature that allows you to share content and files with devices connected to your Wi-Fi network or connected to your computer via Bluetooth.

    To enable this feature:

    1. Open settings.
    2. Select Shared Experiences.
    3. Enable Nearby Sharing.

    Now, when you select Share in a Microsoft Word document, or choose Share by right-clicking on a file, you will see other Windows 10 computers connected to your network (or via Bluetooth) with which you can share the file. Please note that Shared Mode must be enabled on all computers for this feature to work.

    14. Explorer Dark Mode file

    If you are tired of the old explorer appearance, you can make it more unusual by switching to explorer dark mode.

    How to enable File Explorer dark mode:

    1. Open Preferences.
    2. Choose colors.
    3. Scroll down to select the default application mode. Li>
    4. Select “Dark”.

    Once this is enabled, all system windows (like File Explorer) will have a dark background. Not only does it look much sharper than a traditional guide, it is also much easier on the eyes.

    15. Notifications area

    Everyone is used to receiving notifications on their mobile phone, but many Windows 10 users don’t realize that they also have access to a convenient notification area on their Windows 10 computer.

    You can access notifications by clicking on the comment icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This pop-up window displays notifications from your apps like calendar, mobile notifications if your phone is synced, and buttons to quickly turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, access settings, etc.

    Windows 10 features

    It’s amazing how easy it is to get used to a particular use of Windows 10. You get caught up in a certain pattern and may not realize when Microsoft introduced several fresh and innovative features to the Windows 10 operating system.

    Take part in testing all of the new Windows 10 features listed above that will make you more productive and more comfortable with Windows.

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