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15 Games to Play over text with friends

15 Games to Play over text with friends.

Playing action-packed VR games or immersive single-player PC games is fun, but sometimes you might want to play with something simpler. Games can be too time consuming and time consuming, so why not look for fun games that you can play with your friends via text?

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most fun text-based games that can be played via SMS. All you need is a smartphone and it doesn’t even have to be fancy. So get creative and have fun!

1. I Spy

The favorite game of all generations, which is often played during family trips, can be played using text messages. Find an object of interest and ask your friends to guess what your eyes are on. Warn them by describing where you are and the first letter of the property you have chosen. You can limit how often your friends can guess, or give them more hints after each wrong answer.

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another familiar game that is usually played face-to-face, but works well when played via text messages or chat apps like Whatsapp. Just send a text message “I’ve never done this” and add a statement about something you’ve never done before. Keep in mind that you want to make the game fun, so think of something dirty, flirtatious, secret, or silly.

Never Have I Ever mostly plays like a drinking game, which is hard to do with text, but think of other fun ways to punish your friends that give a positive response. For example, ask to send the dumbest photo in a group chat or post a shameful story on social media.

3. Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions is a great party game where you choose a category from which you will ask your friends text questions. Spice up the game with a scoring system and reward your friends with simple gifts like buying a drink for the winner. You can ask questions about movies, music, the game world, and anything you have in common with your friends.

4. Abbreviations

In this simple game, you send your friends a text message with a sentence abbreviation and they have to guess the full sentence. You can use sentences to describe what you are currently doing or thinking about. For example, if you send “IBANI” to your friends, they should understand that you are saying “I’m buying a new iPhone”.

This game is just as interesting as your friend’s creativity, and you can expect to get even some rude answers. Help your friends by sending more emails every time they don’t guess your acronym.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Name three people, whether they’re celebrities or someone you know, or even movie characters, and ask your friends who they’ll kiss, marry, and kill. Spice up the game by naming someone you know your friend is in love with or someone they don’t like. Keep in mind that this is all meant to be a joke. The ultimate goal is to have fun, not offend anyone.

6. Emoji Translation

Emoji Translation is one of the best texting games that can be played via SMS or group chats. Send your friends a text message made up entirely of emoticons. Their job is to interpret your message and send a response. There are so many emojis available and the only limit to the game is your imagination. Expect some funny responses and pick a winner based on who came closest to the proposal you came up with.

7. Would You Rather

“Would You Rather” is very popular on Reddit and it’s the perfect long distance game. Ask your friends funny “would you prefer x or y” questions and fill in the gaps with something funny. Here’s an example: “Would you rather fight 100 ninjas with Chuck Norris by your side or fight Chuck Norris with 100 ninjas by your side?”. Ask your friends to explain your choice and expect to be interested in reading their whimsical answers.

8. Story Time

Also known as Story Builder, this is a very creative game. As you probably guessed from the name of the game, you and your friends need to develop a story by taking turns writing one sentence at a time. The story can go on as long as you like. You can even build one over the course of days or weeks and see how far you can go.

Alternatively, you can go word by word instead of sentences, but this version of Fairy Time is much longer. Start with something as simple as Once Upon a Time… and your friends will pick up the game in no time.

9. Where Am I?

Like I Spy, the Where Am I game is all about sending text messages to your friends and asking them to locate you. You will need to describe your surroundings and what you see via SMS or chat, but keep it simple so as not to give away too much information. For example, if you’re at McDonald’s, just type “Food, car, clown” and let your friends guess where you are.

10. Truth or Dare

Everyone knows the Truth or Dare game and it can be equally fun to play via SMS or group chats. Ask your friends to choose truth or dare and wait for their answer. If they’re telling the truth, which is the easy part, just ask them any question. But you’ll have to be more creative if they choose “dare”. Give them a fun, maybe a little embarrassing task and ask for a photo or video to prove they’ve done it.

11. Song Lyrics

To play this game, you and your friends must have at least similar musical tastes. Song Lyrics is a game where you have to write a line from a song and then ask your friend to guess what song it is from. After that, you can go back and forth by typing the next line in the song.

12. Hangman

Traditionally, Hangman is played with pen and paper, and it’s hard to imagine the game without a small hanging figure hung. But if you think about it, the executioner usually has six guesses before the whole figure is drawn.

Limit the number of times your friend tries to find the right answer and you won’t need a pen and paper. Send an SMS to your friend with the underscores where the letters should be, and when they respond with a note in the word you came up with, send the underscores again with the correct letter in the right place.

13. Unpopular Opinion

Not all people are the same, and each person has their own opinion on a particular topic. But some ideas are popular, that is, they are shared by most people. The game “Unpopular Opinion” will allow you to voice different feelings, for example, to a movie that everyone seems to like.

Send a text message to your friends, loved ones, or family members: “Unpopular Opinion: The Marvel franchise sucks” and wait for their response. Many people take popular and unpopular opinions personally, so be careful not to offend anyone. As a general rule, they should respond to your post with an unpopular opinion after a heated debate.

14. Riddles

Riddles is a universal game that can be played on any platform. It’s perfect for text messages and group chats and is especially fun when you’re playing with your partner or friends. Send them your favorite riddle or get inspired by Subreddits. When your opponent gives the correct answer, it’s your turn to answer it.

15. What If?

“What if?” this is the perfect game for those who have a rich imagination and who like to dream. Put yourself and your friends, spouse or children in an imaginary situation and ask them what they would do in this scenario. Their answers may surprise you and you may learn something new about your loved ones. After answering them, they may ask you the same question or ask you a new one.

What are the most fun text based games you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments below!

15 Games to Play over text with friends

15 Games to Play over text with friends

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