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15 Free Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email

15 Free Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email.

Not everyone is a graphic designer, and they shouldn’t! However, we are all expected to create professional looking content for our organizations. This is especially true for the humble newsletter. As the world goes digital, the newsletter remains one of the best ways to keep stakeholders informed about what’s going on.

Whether it’s business, school, charity, or any other organized event, the gorgeous newsletter informs and impresses the people who support you. The good news is that there are many free newsletter templates on the Internet that you can use for both electronic and print newsletters. We’ve picked 15 of the best ones, covering a variety of use cases.

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the purpose of the template. The only unshakable rule is that Comic Sans is never OK.

Classroom Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

There are many classroom newsletter templates that look like they were created as part of a kindergarten project, but this chic template from Microsoft is perfect for transitioning between crayons and crayons. It’s fun, but not painful to watch, which many designers just can’t figure out.

If you’re a teacher looking to keep parents up to date with what’s going on in their children’s day-to-day school life, this template will save you a lot of time and make all your work that much more professional. P>

School Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

This school newsletter features bold use of colors, modern, professional design, and superior readability. A design like this will actually work well whenever you want a formal look without looking dull and boring.

The story page is designed in such a way that you can easily clone it for longer newsletters, but if your newsletter is fairly frequent, this two-page free newsletter template leaves a lot of room for writing short stories for your audience.

Nonprofit Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

This template has an impressive download size, but it is worth considering the amount of money invested in the design of this template.

Nonprofits live or die at the mercy of donors and potential donors. They need to get the message across quickly, telling stories that inspire and inspire sympathy. Existing donors need to know that their money is being used correctly and potential donors need to be sure of the same.

This template is great for this, especially since there is noticeably room on the home page for your most impressive image and a perfectly readable summary of the content inside. If this fails to attract someone’s attention, then we do not know what to say.

This free newsletter template will also work for any interesting type of project. The idea is to convey a sense of positiveness. You should also consider matching the base color of the template with the base color of your chosen photo. This is one of the main reasons this pattern works so well in the example.

Weekly Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

We’re not sure what makes this a “weekly” newsletter template, but this wonderful minimal letterhead does so much with so little. Once you’ve got the right logo, this template evokes a health and wellness vibe that anyone from organic farmers to a local family health food store can use.

The color choices here are impeccable and we recommend leaving the hue unchanged if you do decide to change the colors themselves.

Tech Business Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

You have to hand this over to the designers at Microsoft, they know exactly how to instantly convey a “technical newsletter” at a glance. It’s like they’ve done it before or something.

The layout is clean, with plenty of places to insert interesting short information. The secret to a good technical newsletter is to allow readers to easily select the information that matters most to them. The layout of this template minimized confusion while maintaining an attractive look.

Executive Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

While this template is marketed as an executive newsletter, we believe it is better suited for startups or crowdfunding projects It has the trendy look you’d expect from a Disruptor kit. These cool geometric shapes give it a less-than-corporate tech startup vibe.

This is especially handy if you want to keep the hype but don’t want to reveal too much detail. This free newsletter template doesn’t have enough room for text, but that’s okay if you don’t have anything to say right now.

Newsletter (Ribbons Design) – MS Office Forms

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

There is a retro-corporate feel from the 90s that we really love. It may be ironic nostalgia, but it’s like reading a manual for a computer since Windows 98.

Your older tech audience will appreciate this. Plus, it’s the perfect template if you don’t want to use any photos. We recommend replacing the graphics only with retro clipart of a similar design. Otherwise, everything will go wrong.

There is plenty of room for detailed stories, but the space is used in such a way that nothing seems cramped. This is one of the best classic newsletter templates we’ve ever seen!

Restaurant – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

It’s amazing how a little visual language can evoke other senses. From this template, you can almost smell the herbs and spices. Of course, if you have your own cheeky professional food image for your gourmet newsletter or restaurant business, it will still perfectly match your chosen font and color scheme – however, the accompanying photos are top-notch.

The newsletter looks almost like the menu of a prestigious diner. Interestingly enough, some restaurants have started to publish their menus in mini-magazines and this newsletter is perfect for channels.

Newsletter – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

Microsoft has rather cockily called this free newsletter template simply “Newsletter“, but looking at it, it might be appropriate. This is perhaps the most newsletter on this list.

Jokes aside, this is a masterpiece of minimalism. The text is neatly divided into efficient columns with simple color blocks and a good selection of fonts. It all comes together in the perfect all-in-one newsletter. It’s even safe to change the default colors to whatever complementary shades you prefer. It won’t hurt the overall aesthetic.

If you want a template that gives you enough room to tell multiple stories clearly and doesn’t waste time customizing it, this template is for you.

Newsletter (Black Tai) – Microsoft Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

There is a proverb that says, “The medium is the message,” which basically means that sometimes aspects of the environment become associated with typical messages of time and place.

Think about black and white films. When modern filmmakers choose to shoot a film in black and white, it usually evokes the feel of classic cinema. The people who made these classic films had no choice: color film had not yet been invented.

Which brings us to this black tie newsletter. Whether you’re looking to create a newsletter for your literary club or other creative endeavor, this newsletter perfectly combines legibility and classic flyer design to keep everything looking stylish.

As a bonus, you can print this design cheaply on a monochrome laser printer without losing its original charm.

Holiday Newsletter (Santa Claus Sled and Reindeer) – MS Office Templates

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

Holidays are tough when you can’t see the whole family you want, but with a nice newsletter, you can keep extended relatives up to date with what’s going on in your life. Sure, people now have Facebook and other social networks, but personal mailing has a lot more sentimental value.

The problem is, viewing free newsletter templates with a holiday flair invariably means viewing incredibly ugly, flashy designs. However, this template shows that you can save Santa without Comic Sans and crayons. It looks really stylish, but it is filled with julet-like fun.

What’s more, you don’t need to come up with topics to fill them. The template includes detailed ideas on what to include in each section.

Floral Newsletter – Brother Creative Center

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

The above free templates from Microsoft are pretty easy to use. You just need to download them as Word files and proceed as usual. While Brother has been kind enough to provide their newsletter templates for everyone, you also need to use their own online editor. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple, and the result is a nice and crisp PDF. Suitable for print or email.

This particular newsletter is a lovely floral background with space for two photos, cropped into circular frames. The suggested use is for something like a spa or other wellness business, but this one-page newsletter design might be good for any softer business that wants to quickly get some information out to stakeholders.

It also grabs attention as a printable flyer that can be folded in a store or wherever people wait. Like a doctor’s office.

Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, and Hotels – Brother Creative Center

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

This is another cork from Brother Creative Center. If you own or plan to purchase AirBnB, this is the perfect newsletter template to let the overnight stays know what to do and what’s going on with your tablet lately.

It’s also perfect as an email newsletter to people who have been subscribing to your visitors’ book over the years. With a view to luring them away once more. Sure, your photo game needs to be accurate, but if you have pictures for it, this is the perfect template to place them.

Hey Frost – Adobe Spark

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

This is one of two Adobe Spark newsletter templates on this list. As with Brother, you need to use Adobe’s own online editor. Plus, if you don’t have a paid subscription, you’ll have to put up with a tiny Adobe Spark watermark in the corner of your newsletter. It’s not really intrusive at all, however, and considering how good some of these templates are, this is a small sacrifice.

By the way, Hello Frost immediately caught our attention as the perfect template to showcase your photos and tell people about interesting places you’ve visited and what you’ve seen.

Of course, the default template was designed using winter / fall colors, but you can change that in no time. It’s fanciful, but still very easy to read and would be a great choice if you plan on making small releases frequently.

Literature Monitor – Adobe Spark

Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email”/>

Do people still read? Well, your friends know and they are just dying to hear your final thoughts on the world of literature this week. If you want to evoke the smell and crackle of your favorite paper books, this template from Adobe Spark is the one for you.

One can imagine Hemingway grunting in mild approval if found in his mailbox. Although, ironically, such a legible layout is best for those who can buy up verbiage. If you understand what we are talking about.

Extra! additional! Read everything about him!

Wow, what a treasure trove of gorgeous free newsletter templates for all occasions. Customize them to your liking and then enjoy the money you saved by hiring a graphic designer, making everyone think you are a pro at your posting.

In fact, everything is written on you, but we cannot help you with this.

15 Free Newsletter Templates You Can Print or Email

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