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15 Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps You Should Install First

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a popular way to convert your non-Smart TVs to Smart TVs. It’s based on Android and gives you access to a number of popular TV streaming features.

Once you get your USB stick, the first thing you need to do is install applications on it. With these apps, you get access to your favorite content and you want to be sure you get all the great Amazon Fire Stick apps available out there.

Here we list some of the best Amazon Fire Stick apps that you should install on your device.

  1. Netflix
  2. YouTube
  3. Hulu
  4. Crackle
  5. Spotify
  6. VLC Media Player
  7. AllCast
  8. Twitch
  9. Kodi
  10. Private Internet access
  11. Downloader
  12. AirScreen
  13. ES File Explorer
  14. Calculator
  15. Bookmarker 1


When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is ??a very popular app that gives you access to tons of original Netflix and other content on your devices. The app is also available for Fire TV, which means you can now watch all your favorite shows on your TV.


YouTube is without a doubt one of the biggest video sites out there, and with its Amazon Fire Stick app, you can access this massive video storage on the Fire Stick. You can watch videos, access your subscriptions, and search videos by keywords.


If Hulu is your favorite streaming app, it’s available for Fire TV, giving you access to all your favorite TV broadcasts and other content from a variety of categories. It comes bundled with features like multiple user profiles and kids profiles, so you always see content that is relevant to you when you use it.


Crackle is a Sony-owned Amazon Fire Stick app that brings a lot of Sony entertainment content to the Fire Stick. This does not mean that it only has content from its developer, as it has a wide range of videos available in various other categories.


Your Fire TV isn’t just for watching videos. You can also use it to listen to your favorite music tracks, and Spotify lets you do just that. If you already have a Spotify subscription, all you have to do is install the app and you can start listening to your favorite playlists

VLC Media Player

Not all videos are in a standard file format, and your flash drive may not play videos in a rather strange format. In this case, VLC Media Player for Fire Stick will help you. As you already know, it can play almost all media formats available, and now it can play that on your Fire Stick as well.


Sometimes, you may want to view some of the content stored on your mobile device on your TV. AllCast makes this possible by allowing you to transfer media from your compatible device to your Fire Stick. Both of your devices must be on the same network and you are ready to stream.


If you’re a Twitch user and love watching your favorite gamers play games, you can now transfer that entire browsing experience to the Fire Stick using the Amazon Fire Stick Twitch app. After installing the app, you can log in and start watching various game streams.


Kodi is notorious for being an app that allows users to watch illegal content, but it can also be used to watch legal content. A number of add-ons can be used in the Amazon Fire Stick app to access completely legitimate and interesting content on Fire TV.

Private Internet Access

When you connect the Fire Stick to many online networks, it’s advised to protect your profile from any unauthorized activity. Private Internet Access is a VPN app that encrypts your connection and also lets you spoof your IP if you need to do so in some apps on Fire TV.

Download Program

While you can definitely download apps to your Fire Stick from the Amazon App Store, that’s not the only way to get apps for your flash drive. The downloader allows you to download applications and files from various other sources to your device. Basically, this is a browser for your flash drive, but with the ability to download files and manage them for you.

You will need it to download applications that are not in the App Store.


AirScreen allows you to display the screens of your smartphones on the Fire Stick. You simply download the app to your drive and connect your device to it using the standard connection method, and your phone screen is displayed on the TV.

ES File Explorer

Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t come with a pre-loaded file manager. This means that while you can view the functions of the flash drive and access applications on it, you cannot see the individual files stored in the memory of the flash drive. ES File Explorer helps you open these files as a file manager, after which you can perform all the standard file operations on your files.


You are unlikely to be using a calculator on your TV, but it would be nice to have one just in case you need it on the rare occasion that your phone is out of order. The Calculator app adds a simple yet fully functional calendar to your Fire Stick.

Among its functions are the history of calculations, the ability to perform almost all types of calculations and the ability to predict the results of calculations.

Bookmarker 1

Printing to a Fire Stick is not an easy task, and Bookmarker 1 solves the problem for you, at least in some cases. It is a bookmarking application that allows you to save URLs and open them later in any browser with one click.

It currently works with both Firefox and Silk browsers and you must have one of them installed to use the app.


What has been your experience with the Fire Stick so far? Have you installed any of the Amazon Fire Stick apps we suggested above? Do you find them useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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