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13 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a popular streaming dongle that provides an easy and affordable way to stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your TV wirelessly.

You can do a lot with it besides streaming Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, HBO and more from your mobile device and computer to your TV. Our guide “How Google Chromecast Works” details the device’s capabilities.

This simple-looking, ultra-portable Plug and Play device has a few tricks that may not immediately catch your eye.

Here’s an overview of some of the hidden tips and tricks Chromecast can do to make casting more magical.

Tips and tricks about Chromecast you didn’t know

1. Enable guest mode

2. Make presentations

3. Play different games

4. Broadcast your video using your voice

5. Stream live broadcasts from CCTV cameras to your TV

6. Watch Amazon Prime Video on TV

7. Create a broadcast queue

8. Cast Plex

9. Plug in headphones

10. Share the look of your VR headset with others

11. Broadcast on the go

12. Turn on your TV

13. Get free movies and other bonuses

Enable Guest Mode

If you have guests at home, whether it’s a family reunion or a party, you can let them stream their favorite music or TV show to your TV without giving out their Wi-Fi password.

To do this, go to your Chromecast settings and enable guest mode. Thus, anyone with a Google Cast-enabled app can cast content to the screen, provided that the option is available on their device and within 25 feet of the Chromecast device. Otherwise, they can manually enter the four-digit PIN displayed on the TV into the app settings on their phones, tablets or computers.

Make presentations

Chromecast lets you sync your presentation to any TV so you can improve your presentation skills whether you’re in the office or at home. Just plug the dongle into your TV, download your Google Slides presentation to your compatible device, and then tap “Be present” in the upper right corner of the presentation.

Select Show on Another Screen, select your Chromecast device, and start your presentation.

Play a lot of games

Do you want to have fun with your family or just want to show your favorite game on the big screen? You can do this with Chromecast. There are over 100 Chromecast games on Google Play, but if you’re a Nintendo fan, you can download CastNES, the NES emulator, and enjoy a nostalgic memory journey.

Download games to your mobile device and easily play them on your TV, using your device as a controller when launching the game on the TV.

After downloading, installing, and opening a Chromecast-compatible game, find and tap the Cast logo to start streaming to your TV. If you have multiplayer games, you can use multiple phones as gamepads.

Send videos with your voice

You can stream music from Netflix, YouTube and other supported streaming services, as well as photos from your Google Photos account, using your voice. If you have a Google Home speaker, you can stream content to other Chromecast devices throughout your home as long as it’s easy to speak and remember.

For example, you can say, “Ok Google, play it, eat. Pray. Love. on (Chromecast name) ”or“ Hey Google, turn on My Family Reunion on (Chromecast name) ”.

Note. For Netflix and HBO, you need to link your accounts before you can use your voice.

Broadcast live feeds from CCTV to TV

If you have a Nest Security camera, you can use Google Home to watch a live stream from your security cameras via Chromecast. Just add your device to the Google Home app and control it with your voice.

For example, you can say “Ok Google, show camera title) on (Chromecast)” and the live stream will open.

Watch Amazon Prime video on your TV

The years of fighting to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV from another device are finally over! Amazon and Google have reached an agreement whereby Prime Video has been added to the list of supported Chromecast apps.

You can now stream Amazon Prime Video by opening the app and clicking the broadcast icon to watch your favorite content on your TV.

Create Send Queue

Have you ever wanted to watch YouTube videos without constantly picking up your phone or tablet every time you want to watch the next video? Chromecast allows you to enjoy your YouTube content by streaming the content to your TV and choosing the videos you want to watch.

After you click on the first video, you can click on the next videos you want to watch and then select Add to Queue instead of clicking Play. To view your turn, simply click “Now Playing” in the bottom corner of the screen.

Note. You cannot reorder videos in the queue. You can only add them to the Watch Later list or remove them entirely.

Send Plex Array

Plex is a media management app that allows you to organize and stream your media files like movies, photos and music so you can watch them from your mobile devices, TVs, etc. Google allows you to stream Plex because Chromecast doesn’t Supports local media playback.

To do this, sign up with Plex, download and open its app, and then send the content you want to watch to your Chromecast.

Connect your headphones

Not everyone likes the same content as you, so Chromecast lets you cast video to your TV from any compatible device and save the audio to your device. Just tap the Send audio to phone option on the Playback screen, plug in your headphones, and start listening.

You can also download LocalCast for Chromecast to watch something on your TV without disturbing others in the same room.

Share VR Headset Reviews with Others

If you have a Google Daydream View VR headset and want to share with others what you see or experience while wearing glasses, you can use your Chromecast and the headset to stream content to your TV. Just make sure the phone on your Chromecast and Daydream View headset are on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home app.

Open Google Home, click Cast and select the Chromecast device you want to send VR images to. Plug your phone into a headset and others will see (virtually) what you’re experiencing.

Note. You can stream with Gear VR if you have the latest version of the Oculus app installed.

Send on the go

Google Chromecast is an ultra-portable device, which means you can take it with you wherever you go on vacation or business trip. If you don’t like the cable choices in your country hotel, you can use a Chromecast, laptop and router, or Ethernet cable to stream your favorite content.

Just plug your laptop into an Ethernet port in your hotel room, or plug in a router, set up a wireless network and connect your Chromecast to start streaming.

Turn on your TV

Another good tip for Chromecast: You can turn on your TV with your Chromecast device if it supports HDMI-CEC. In the TV settings menu, enable this option, and the Chromecast will turn it on every time the TV is turned off when you use your phone or computer to stream something.

However, HDMI-CEC uses different terms depending on the manufacturer, so check the manufacturer’s website or manual to see how to get it up and running. In addition, you will need to connect your Chromecast from a source other than your TV, because the USB port power will be disconnected when the TV is turned off.

Get free movies and other perks

In addition to showing the latest and greatest TV shows on demand, using Chromecast also offers benefits such as free movies and TV shows on demand. Google rewards its users with pretty good deals and other perks on the Chromecast offers page. Here you can see what offers are currently available, as well as great deals that you can get on other Google devices.

You can also find available content by searching in the Google Cast app. It will show you Chromecast-enabled apps that are currently streaming the movie or TV show you want to watch, as well as buttons to go directly to the service or download an app to help you get there.

Life Stream

A Chromecast device can do a lot more for you than just streaming music and movies from YouTube or Netflix. Try any of these 13 Chromecast tips and tricks for a more magical experience. If you have any other cool stuff you’ve used your Chromecast for, we’d love to hear your recommendations. Share them with us in the comments below.

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