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13 Best Tech Podcasts Channels

13 Best Tech Podcasts Channels.

There is something about listening to a conversation but not paying attention to it. This is my idea for a podcast. I usually listen to podcasts about science and technology, and sometimes audiobooks from Audible. In this article, I’ll share my list of the best tech podcast channels that cover every corner of the tech world. Let’s check.

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Best Tech Podcast Channels

1. Respond to all

Reply All is one of the most popular podcasts on Tech Space hosted by Pj Vogt and Alex Goldman. He focuses on new technologies related to the Internet and how the Internet is shaping our culture. Each podcast is a commentary on Internet culture and human interests, and the presenters provide a very interesting perspective on the situation.

For example, one of the episodes tells the story of a man who has been in prison for life since the age of 18 and has been blogging on the internet from a maximum security prison. Each episode is different, but the average episode is about 40 minutes long, which definitely doesn’t seem that long.

Reply All is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Google Play, and RSS.

2. This is just a test

This is an official podcast from Tested.com with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams, but without Adam Savage (you could wish it). Every week, the team gathers to share the latest news in the world of technology and science. While they drift in pop culture references and jokes, their conversations are almost as much gossip as Hollywood speakers. The main agenda is rarely ignored and they offer compelling explanations and examples in their episodes. The episodes are detailed commentary and are on average about 90 minutes long.

The episodes for This is only a Test are free, and you can either listen to the audio version on Player.fm or go to their website and watch video podcasts that are equally interesting, if not more so.

3. Technical stuff

Hosted by Jonathan Strickland, Tech Stuff brings you tech news every second day of the week. The show has only 300 episodes, and each episode dives deeply into the technology around us with random guests. Strickland not only talks about technology, but leads the people behind the innovative technologies we use every day. How tech companies shape the market and how technology affects us and our culture is the main theme of the show. Each episode offers something unique, for example, in the last episode, Strickland offers a commentary comparing Netflix and Blockbuster, and how Netflix became the champion. His ideas really make podcasts fun and different.

The average length of a Tech Stuff Podcast is around 40 minutes and you can listen to it on iTunes, Player.fm, or directly on their website.

4. ATP

The Accidental Tech Podcast is really what it talks about. It started by accident when its creators were working on an automotive podcast. It has now become one of the most popular podcasts in the technology genre. Hosts Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Syracuse have tech backgrounds and often talk about Apple, technology and sometimes cars. The episodes have a light, everyday tone, but they rarely go off the agenda.

You can listen to it on iTunes and the ATP website.

5. An angry old man geeks

Grumpy Old Geeks is a show hosted by three veterans of the tech space, Jason DeFilippo and Brian Schulmeister, who have witnessed the evolution of the Internet as we see it today without being influenced by marketing ploys. They offer an unbiased opinion on new technology trends. They cover topics such as tech news, security, movies, TV shows, and books. Listening to their podcasts made me realize how easily our generation can succumb to the influence of pop culture and why they don’t like it.

Their Grumpy Old Geeks channel has about 280+ episodes available on iTunes, Google Play, RSS, and IheartRadio. You can listen to podcasts using these services or download them directly to your device for later use.

6. Note to self

Host Manush Zomorodi “Writes It Down” and talks about technology and how it affects us humans. Zomorodi brings his journalistic experience to the show and talks about how technology around us is shaping our entire civilization. The episodes are all about a topic that usually revolves around current tech corporations pursuing ways to increase their income while blurring moral boundaries. Her podcast is a little different from other podcasts, more like interviews. It has a greater impact on the listener because it hits the right nerves that are often overlooked by the general public with all the facts.

Note to Self episodes are 30 minutes on average and are available on their website, and you can also subscribe to a feed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS, and Google Play.

7. Internet History Podcast

From Netscape to iPad, the History of the Internet podcast is divided into three categories and includes episodes with sequential commentary on the history of the Internet and the evolution of the companies that made the Internet. Presenter Brian McCullough invites tech figures like Robert Reed, founder of Rhapsody, and Karel Bonun, Facebook’s first senior software engineer, to share their experiences and contributions to the history of the Internet. He analyzes trends and technologies in his episodes of Miscellaneous, while other guests casually reveal the intricacies of topics such as Minitel, French Internet and iPhone history. I liked the episodes of the chapters, which offer deeper insight, while the different episodes are best for when you need to drown out traffic on your commute.

There are about 180 episodes in total, and you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, RSS, and Stitcher.

8. Why do you press this button

Created by The Verge and hosted by Ashley Karman and Caitlyn Tiffany, Why You Pressed That Button is a social commentary on popular trends that are emerging on the Internet and affecting our lives. The episodes are based on weird questions like how did you break up on Instagram? And will you turn on read receipts? These questions may sound benign, but hosts find answers to how tiny decisions affect your social life. The podcast as a whole is thought-provoking and makes you take a closer look at the world around you.

You can stream it to iTunes and read the transcript on their website here.

s. Folded

TWiT is a podcasting network that offers a wide range of space technology shows. It features shows like All About Android, Security Now, This Week On Google, and it’s a standalone This Week In Technology program. Each show is hosted by a different presenter who has their own expertise in the field and offers news, ideas, updates and technology trends. You can find your niche and subscribe to it on one of the podcast services.

TWiT is available on many platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, etc. You can check the list on their website, download podcasts to your device, and listen to the playlist offline.

10. DailyTake News Show

Hosted by Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane, the daily tech news show keeps you up to date on the news. The main purpose of the episode is to comment on trends with a touch of humor. Both hosts are well versed in technology and offer an easy-to-understand quick glance at the latest news. The DTNS podcast has over 52,000 subscribers and about 3,000 episodes, each about 30 minutes long.

You can subscribe to shows on RSS, Youtube, iTunes and Player.fm.

11. Ten minutes technical discussion

Driving to work and needing daily tech news? The ten-minute Tech Talk podcast offers daily news updates within 10 minutes. The show is hosted by a journalist and digital marketer, accompanied by an outside observer who will share their experiences and views on current events. They focus on social media, Apple, Google, etc. and don’t shy away from being sharp in their reviews. This is my personal recommendation if you want to quickly learn about technology.

The podcast has over 60 episodes and you can subscribe to it on Player.fm or directly from their website.

12. Internet of Things Podcast

Of course, there are niche podcasts for each category, and you can sort the list of options. The IoT Podcast is one such podcast that offers the latest IoT-related trends and updates. Host – Stacy Higginbotham. She talks about various topics, such as the impact of tariffs imposed by Donald Trump on imported goods on IoT components, new Wi-Fi standards, robots, etc. Sometimes, accompanied by a guest, they talk about the future of the IoT and what is not is done. Stacy. Keeps interesting topics, and episodes approximately 45 minutes. The website has an agenda for each topic that gives you an idea of ​​the topics, making it easy to sort the episode list.

You can stream podcasts on their website and subscribe to Apple, Android and RSS podcasts.

13. A16Z

A16Z is a weekly podcast that discusses tech culture and news around us. He invites industry leaders to share their opinions and thoughts on current events. The episodes have a professional tone and the hosts cover the topic in detail. Precisely with an average episode duration of 50 minutes. The show has many unique aspects such as storytelling, discussion topic, and guests that make the series more interesting to listen to.

It is quite popular with 30k subscribers and you can stream it to SoundCloud and save it in the app.

What is your favorite Tech Podcast channel?

A ten-minute tech podcast is best if you want to get up-to-date on the tech world quickly, while the IoT details what’s happening in the IoT space. You can subscribe to Note To Self, they have people from all over the world on their podcasts. I personally like Grumpy Old Geeks due to the lack of bias in their content. Tell us about your favorite podcast channel.

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