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11 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Capabilities

11 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Capabilities.

The complete Alexa skillset of over 100,000 skills is a powerful platform, but there are times when these Alexa skills don’t work. The server running the skill may be hiccuping, or there may be a problem with how the skill is implemented in your smart home.

If you find that the Alexa Skill is not working or not working as intended, here are some fixes to try.

1. Make Sure Alexa is Connected to WiFi

Amazon Echo requires Wi-Fi to function properly. If your device is not connected to Wi-Fi, Amazon Skills will not work because Amazon cannot process your voice command.

2. Ensure You’re Using the Correct Phrase

Many Alexa skills have specific activation phrases. If you find that the Alexa skill is not working as expected, make sure you are using the correct activation phrase. For example, the Food Network Kitchen skill can be activated in three different ways:

3. Check If the Skill Needs Parental Permission

Some Alexa skills cannot be activated without parental permission. If you are using a Skill and it asks for parental permission, you will need to enable it from the home screen. This is especially true for child-centered skills.

4. Enable the Skill

In some cases, the skill could be disabled. In this case, you will need to re-enable the skill in the skills menu.

5. Re-Install the Skill

If you have a skill that worked for the most part but suddenly stopped working, there might be an error that can be fixed by turning the skill off and back on. When you disable a skill, it disconnects it from your account. Turn on the skill and re-link it. This should fix most of the problems.

6. Verify Your Device Is on the Correct Profile

If you have multiple profiles in your Amazon account, each can use a different skill. If you find that the device is unresponsive when you try to activate a skill, make sure you are using the correct profile.

7. Re-Enable the Device

Many of Amazon’s skills are device-specific. If the skill is not responding, go to the Devices menu in the Alexa app, turn off and then turn on the device in question.

8. Reinstall the Device

If you are unable to disconnect the device, completely remove it from your account. You can do this by opening the device settings and clicking on the trash can in the upper right corner of the screen. After removing the device, you will need to re-add it to your Amazon account. A new installation will often fix problems that arise.

9. Force a Firmware Update

Some Alexa skills may not be available until the Echo hardware is updated. While any connected device will periodically automatically check for updates, you can force a firmware update to bring the Echo in line with the firmware version it should have.

To do this, press the mute button on your Echo. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, but Alexa will announce that she needs to update. Once this is complete, the hardware will restart and will no longer be shut down. Of course, this only works if there are firmware updates available.

10. Make Sure You Complete the Skill

Alexa skills can be customized using the Skill Blueprint system. However, you can create a Skill without updating your account or adding it to your active Skills list. If your Skill is custom made and doesn’t work, make sure it is actually executed on the system.

11. Create a Voice Profile

Some people may face a more difficult problem: it may seem that Alexa does not understand what they are saying. If this happens, you can teach Alexa to recognize your voice. Go to Settings> Account Settings> Recognizable Voices> Voice Profile Management.

From this screen, you can set up Alexa to personalize your skills or delete your voice profile. You can also tap Match Voice Profiles to speak a series of phrases that Alexa will use to better match your voice as you speak. This allows Alexa to understand you better.

Alexa Skills is one of the features that sets Alexa apart from the competition. An extensive library of skills and an easy-to-use skill plan allow for almost limitless creative control of your smart home and your life. The only hurdle is when these Alexa skills stop working.

Just try any of these 11 techniques to get your skills back on track. At least one of these options should get your Alexa back on track.

11 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Capabilities

11 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Capabilities

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