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100 Most Popular Internet slangs that Everyone should know

100 Most Popular Internet slangs that Everyone should know.

Like it or not, internet slang is widespread and if you don’t want to sound like your mom, take a look at them.

The origin of internet slang

Although there is no organization / community responsible for standardizing them. It is very difficult to tell them where they are from. But most of them come from online chats, games and later become popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In the past, some internet slang had a completely different meaning. For example, IDK, which is widely known although I don’t know, in the past stood for “Ident-A-Kid”, the largest child identification program in the United States.

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Why is internet slang so popular?

You may not like to see these abbreviations used in your professional life, and you may wonder why the works make them so popular. Why do people use internet slang.

First, it’s not hard to see that Internet slang can be typed much faster than its true meaning, such as OMG instead of “Oh my God.” Although sometimes the same letters are used in Internet slang as in their meaning, it is still easier to say kk in multiplayer chat instead of ok.

Common slang words on the Internet in instant messaging and Facebook chats

Popular online slang on Twitter

Text message shortcut list

With the advent of social networks like Facebook and messaging apps like WhatsApp, text messaging has become very popular among young people. Unsurprisingly, you are already familiar with the most common text message shortcuts such as lol, thx, lmao, tc and many more. The reason they are becoming so popular is because these shortcuts not only look cool, but they also save you time with short typing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re texting in class or sitting at home and chatting on Facebook, there are a few basic and most common text message shortcuts that each of us should know. In this infographic, I’ve compiled a list of the 25 most common text message abbreviations you should know.

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