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10 Tips To Make The Most Of Preview On Mac

10 Tips To Make The Most Of Preview On Mac.

Preview is one of the standard applications that comes preinstalled on your Mac. For most users, it’s just an image viewer that lets you open and view the different types of images available on their Mac.

However, it is not. The Preview app on Mac does more than just preview images. This application has a number of functions that are only available to you if you are ready to reveal them and use them for your tasks.

Some of these little-known preview features include the ability to lock PDF files, add signatures to files, and even edit images. Once you learn how to use these features, you no longer need to use any third-party applications that you may have installed on your computer.

Edit multiple files at once

One of the most time consuming tasks you could ever face is probably having to make the same changes to multiple files on your Mac. Opening each file and making changes is just a waste of time, especially when you have an application like Preview available on your Mac.

With Preview on your Mac, you can make changes, such as changing the image resolution for multiple files at once. There are other uses as well.

All images you select will now have the new resolution.

Add signature to your files

You no longer need to sign a technical document, scan it, crop the signature, and then sign the digital document. With Preview, you can directly sign any of your files on Mac.

Then you can put your signature anywhere on the document.

Convert files from one format to another

Tasks like converting files often require you to find and install a third-party application on your Mac. However, if your file is one of the supported Preview formats, you can convert it to another format using Preview itself.

Your file will be saved in the format of your choice on your Mac.

Add password protection to your files

You can password protect your sensitive files using the Viewer application.

Now you need a password to open your file.

Create a new file from your clipboard

If you have something saved on the clipboard, you can use that content to create a new file in preview mode. The app will use the contents of your clipboard for the new file you create.

It will create a new file based on your clipboard items.

Add new pages to your PDF

If you have an existing PDF document that you want to add new pages to, you can do so with a preview.

The page you just added is now part of your existing PDF file.

Remove pages from a PDF document

Sometimes you may need to get rid of a page from a PDF document. The preview can also help you with this.

Remove background from photos

This preview feature is the least talked about, but it is great for helping you remove unwanted backgrounds from your images. It works in much the same way as the background remover tool in Photoshop.

Access EXIF ??data for your photos

If you haven’t removed the EXIF ??data from your images, you can access this data in the preview app on your Mac.

Suspend Your Files

The preview also lets you annotate files so you can quickly add elements that help better describe your image.

Be sure to save the file before closing the application so that your annotations remain.

10 Tips To Make The Most Of Preview On Mac

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