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10 online ways to improve memory for seniors through (tools and apps)

10 online ways to improve memory for seniors through (tools and apps).

Computers aren’t the only thing with memory leaks. As people age, they become lethargic and forgetful. The human brain needs to work like any muscle to stay in good shape. Whether you’re taking senior classes to learn new skills or playing games on your smartphone, it’s important to keep your brain active.

Self-improvement and mental health are important, so in this article we will show you the best tools and apps to improve memory in older people.

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is probably the oldest app developed in the brain training category. It has over 100 million users of all ages. It is not designed specifically for seniors or seniors, but they are the demographic that benefits the most from it. The app was developed by scientists who took their lab tests and turned them into over 40 fun games to improve your cognitive skills. These games focus on problem solving, processing speed, memory, logic, vocabulary and many other skills.

The uniqueness of Lumosity is that the application adapts to the user. He recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and sets you the appropriate tasks. The games you play are different every day, so Lumosity will challenge and keep you entertained. The app will also track your progress.

Lumosity is free to download, but its premium option will allow you to access a personalized training program for $11.99/month or $59.99/year. The app is available for Android and IOS, but the games can also be played in the browser on the official Lumosity website.

2. Eidetic

This app is named after eidetic memory, the ability to remember things by creating vivid and detailed mental images. Using the spaced repetition technique, Eidetic will train your brain to remember everything you want, from faces and names to phone numbers. This application can be a powerful tool to improve memory for the elderly and those who have trouble remembering information.

Eidetic uses three puzzles: memory, pictures and survival tasks, each with a different number of levels. Each of these challenges will only give you five seconds to remember things. You don’t have to experience cognitive decline to take on the challenge.

Eidetic is a free app available for both Android and IOS.

3. Peak

Peak is an app available for both iOS and Android that aims to train your memory, attention, intelligence, problem solving, and more. It contains over 40 short but intense brain games designed to make your brain work. This application will also allow you to track your progress, discover your limitations and expand them.

The game is unique because it works like a personal trainer, working to create a personalized brain training program. The developers understand that each person is individual, and everyone has different goals. The coach will develop new strategies tailored to your needs and make the games challenging. The role of a coach is also to motivate you to keep playing and develop your mental fitness.

Peak was developed by game designers who worked closely with neuroscientists to make this fun, challenging and completely free brain training app.

4. Elevate

Elevate is another app that aims to improve the critical cognitive skills of seniors. However, this application has no age limit and everyone can use it to improve their professional productivity, learning ability, mental acuity, vocabulary and quick wits.

This app features over 40 brain training games and puzzles to improve memory, math, accuracy and comprehension. You can also measure your performance and track your progress with weak reports. Use these metrics to tune your brain training and challenge yourself to expand your cognitive abilities.

Elevate can make its users better readers and writers. The app focuses on writing clarity, correct spelling and punctuation. As a result, Elevate can help older people read faster and understand better.

The basic version of Elevate is a free app for IOS and Android. You can upgrade to the PRO version at any time. The cost is $4.99 for 1 month or $39.99 for a year.

5. Fit Brains Trainer

Another free cognitive training app, Fit Brains Trainer is designed to boost IQ. The application, which contains about 360 games and puzzles, targets various brain functions and helps older people remember.

This application is entirely developed by neuroscientists who have paid special attention to the development of tools to improve the mental aspects of games. Some of the games you can find on Fit Brains Trainer are also designed to help seniors improve their emotional intelligence.

This does not mean that mental aspects such as attention, memory, concentration and other cognitive abilities have been put aside. In fact, keeping track of your data will help you tune and adjust tasks to suit your needs and allow you to target the cognitive abilities you want to train.

This application is absolutely free and available for both IOS and Android.

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is an app specifically designed to improve memory and concentration in the elderly. It was developed with the help of neuroscientists to offer its users a series of educational games such as memory puzzles and various cognitive tasks.

This app is medically recommended for seniors due to the extensive research done during the development of these games. CogniFit Brain uses validated psychometric and psychological tests that can help determine if a user is at risk for cognitive impairments such as memory loss, trouble concentrating, or an inability to learn new things.

CogniFit is a free app available for IOS and Android. Its advantage lies in a very user-friendly interface, specially designed so that older people can easily use the application.

7. NeuroNation

NeuroNation is a brain training project available both as an app for iPhone and Android devices and as a website. This project originated in Berlin, Germany and is involved in publicly funded research into the treatment of cognitive impairment. Although NeuroNation was launched back in 2011, it uses all the latest scientific research to continue developing brain exercises.

The benefits of NeuroNation are manifold. They range from improving memory and developing logical thinking to improving the quality of life and improving the thought process. The project also offers personalized education that can be used to prevent or rehabilitate disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

This project is completely free for all users, and its brain training is available in eight different languages, including English, Spanish and French.

8. Mind Games

This app is worth your time as it is very functional in helping the elderly train their brain. By playing the 40 games offered by Mind Games, seniors will improve their facial memory, attention to detail, mental flexibility and arithmetic.

The games in this app are designed to challenge users with various cognitive challenges and help them exercise their processing speed, short-term memory, and overall brain power. Mind Games will let you keep track of your results so you always know what areas you need to improve.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. But if you want an unlimited ad-free version, you will need to purchase Mind Games Pro for $4.99.

9. Sudoku

Sudoku is a famous puzzle game loved by many. This is a classic number game that will train your brain regularly if you play it. Sudoku can help you improve concentration and memory, develop problem-solving skills, improve working memory, and more. It is a game that helps reduce anxiety and stress and promotes overall well-being.

The application version of the Sudoku game offers thousands of puzzles of different difficulty levels, designed for all ages. The online leaderboard allows you to keep track of your results and promotes healthy competition. If you or an older loved one love puzzles, the Sudoku app is the perfect choice.

Sudoku is free on both the App Store and Google Play. There is also a web version for those older people who are not inclined to use mobile phones or tablets.

10 online ways to improve memory for seniors

10. BrainCurls

BrainCurls is a website with lots of different games designed to get your brain working. This website has everything from memory games, word games, various puzzles and logic questions. The website even has a chat game to help you train your facial recognition and memory, which will help you in future social interactions.

BrainCurls can help develop and maintain skills such as learning, face recognition, concentration, working memory, logic, processing speed and verbal ability. The games on this website are for all ages, but they develop all the skills that seniors need in everyday life.

BrainCurls is a simple website that will be suitable for older people. All the games offered are fun, educational and completely free.

10 online ways to improve memory for seniors through (tools and apps)

10 online ways to improve memory for seniors through (tools and apps)

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