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10 Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs And Fonts

10 Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs And Fonts.

Getting a new tattoo is always fun, but it can be stressful too. Especially if you don’t quite know what to get yet. If you enjoy planning and reviewing the many options before heading to a tattoo artist, online tattoo design services can be very helpful.

There is no shortage of apps and websites with free tattoo designs, fonts and sketches to choose from. We’ve selected the best online resources to help you visualize and create the right tattoo design for you.


Best for: Anyone looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Price: Free or $ 5.99 / month for premium features.

Tattoodo is a truly premium tattoo website. While its main purpose is to help users find inspiration and ideas for new tattoos, it is actually more of a social media tool for the tattoo community.

Among the many categories you can find on this site, there is a collection of articles on current tattoo-related news and trends, videos from tattoo events and conventions, and tattoo guides for all users.

You can also use Tattoodo on both your computer and your smartphone to contact local artists and book your next tattoo online.

Download: for iOS, Android

Tattoo Designs

Best For: Those who have not yet decided what kind of tattoo they want.

Price: free

The Tattoo Designs app offers just that – a giant catalog of free tattoos for your next tattoo. You can browse thousands of tattoos by category – from abstract to very specific names. When you find a design you like, you can save it to your Favorites and then load it.

The app also has a map showing the nearest tattoo studios and their opening times.

The only drawback here is that the app is not available on platforms other than Android

Download: for Android

Tattoo Fonts

Best For: Those looking to get a script tattoo.

Price: free

If you are thinking of a tattoo with a script (word or phrase), you will know that the correct font is critical. The Tattoo Fonts app contains 125 customizable fonts that you can try before heading to the tattoo parlor.

Write the text of your future tattoo, choose a font and size. Download if the style suits you, or move on to the next font to find the perfect one. Available for iOS only.

Download: for iOS


Best for: Anyone who hasn’t decided yet.

Price: free

For those who are still undecided about what kind of tattoo they want, where and even when they want to get one, Instagram is the perfect place to start looking for free tattoo designs.

Tattoo artists use this network to promote and share their art. Others use hashtags and tags to mention their favorite tattoo studios in their posts and stories. All you have to do is find the right hashtags to keep up with new photos and designs.

Aside from the obvious #tattoos and #tattooart, try using #inked and #tattoosketch for new ideas. If you’re looking for something a little more specific, try #tattoosleeve or #traditionaltattoo. You can also narrow the circle by using tattoo styles as hashtags like #blackwork.

Don’t forget that you can now view Instagram on both PC and smartphone.

Download: for iOS, Android


Best for: Those looking for vibrant visuals.

Price: Free.

Pinterest is another social network that you can use for tattoo inspiration. The entire network is dedicated to collecting your favorite pictures and designs. Many Pinterest users have impressive collections of tattoo designs and fonts that you can browse through.

A good start is to follow tattoo trends from around the world of Inkstinct and tattoo ideas for more examples of how your future tattoo might look on your body.

Use Pinterest to browse other people’s tattoo ideas or start collecting your own tattoo icons that interest you.

Download: for iOS, Android

Custom Tattoo Design

Suitable for: One-of-a-kind design.

Price: Varies.

Are you tired of looking at many similar tattoos? Custom Tattoo Design is a website where you can hire an artist to create a unique custom design based on your wishes and needs.

Visit the site, submit a short description of your idea, and have a professional draw your perfect one-of-a-kind tattoo sketch. The payment varies depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

Skin Movement

Best for: Those looking to get a truly niche tattoo.

Price: A one-time payment of $ 39.99 to have the app read your tattoo, and $ 9.99 per year to keep it active.

What could be more unique than a tattoo of your own voice on your body? Skin Motion invites you to chop a sound wave from an audio clip up to 30 seconds long. It could be your own voice, a song, or even a dog barking. After that, the audio clip is saved on the site and you can read it at any time using the app.

The size, color and shape of your sound wave tattoo can be changed and you can add any design elements to it.

Download: for iOS, Android


Best for: Those who can’t decide where to get a tattoo.

Price: free.

Inkhunter is a unique app that uses augmented reality to show you how your future tattoo will look on your body.

You can use one of the sample tattoos from the app gallery, or upload your own and then apply it to any part of your body and view it in real time. You can position and resize it as you like. Tattoo artists often use Inkhunter to show clients what to expect from a future tattoo.

Download: for iOS, Android


Best For: Finding the best tattoo artist for you.

Price: free.

If you are looking for a personal relationship and rapport with your tattoo artist, Inksquad can help you find the right professional for you.

Using Inksquad, you can chat with tattoo artists, ask for advice, help with tattoo sketching, and even make an appointment. There is also a varied tattoo gallery where you can search by different filters and body parts.

Download: for iOS

Design Your Own Tattoo

Nobody knows you better than yourself. If you know exactly what you want and can draw, you can create a tattoo yourself using one of the custom image maker apps.

Where are you looking for new tattoo ideas and free tattoo designs? Have you ever used any online tattoo inspiration tools? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

10 Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs And Fonts

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