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10 Best Online Video Compressor without Watermark

10 Best Online Video Compressor without Watermark. Although Handbrake is my go-to video compression tool, there are times when I don’t have access to my system and need an online video compression app. A quick Google search reveals many online video compressors, but these are often paid or watermarked. So, I went looking for a decent online video compressor without watermarks. Let’s check them out. Top advertisements

Before we start

If you have a YouTube channel, it is a smart option to upload your video to YouTube and upload it back from the creator studio. YouTube has a good compression algorithm and can drastically reduce the file size from a few GB to hundreds of MB.

The only problem with this method is that if you download a 4K or 1080p video, YouTube only allows you to download it back in 720p. Hence, to overcome this obstacle, you must use a third-party tool like 4K downloader to download your videos in full resolution. The 4K downloader can also compress your video without much loss in quality. In our case, this turned a 1 GB file into about 30-40 MB.

Best online video compressor without watermark

1. WhatsApp

Before we move on to any web-based file compression application, you can do it right now on your smartphone. The fastest way to compress a video without much hassle is to send it via WhatsApp. Now here’s the trick. WhatsApp allows you to create a group with only one user or with you as a member. I often use this group function to send files from laptop to mobile. You can use this same trick to compress a video using WhatsApp and send it to yourself.

WhatsApp compresses video files perfectly. However, there are several limitations. The maximum file duration is 03:08 minutes and the file size is 100 MB.

Large videos are not displayed on WhatsApp as they are over 3 minutes long. To cut and send them, go to the gallery and share it through the Android share menu.



2. EZGif

The problem with the first method is the 03:08 time limit. Hence, to overcome this, we can use EZGif. This is our GIF maker at TechWiser. The best thing about the web app is the absence of watermarks and complete control over the optimization settings. EZGif does not have a dedicated video compressor, however, you can use the Video Resize segment to compress video online. Just keep the resize size identical to the original video and “H.264 / aac” as the output format and encoding. It compresses videos pretty well to about half the size.

In addition, EZGif has an online editor that lets you crop, crop, resize, and even speed up your video. The only caveat regarding EZGif is that the maximum upload video size is 100MB.



Visit EZGif Video Resizer

3. YouCompress

If you want the best compression with a noticeable loss in quality, YouCompress is the place to be. You just upload your video file and YouCompress does the rest of the calculations for you. Eventually, it will show you the size of the exported video file, and then you can download it. Also, there are absolutely no settings here, and this is the epitome of one-click video compression.

YouCompress did not work with the “M4V” file that I compressed with other web applications.



Visit YouCompress

4. KeepVid

The problem with the above video compressors is the file size. Whether you’re shooting in RAW or 4k, the file sizes are huge. Media.io is an online file compressor from Wondershare with no file size limit. Like YouCompress, the web app does not allow you to change the compression settings. You upload your clip and it gives you 3 options. The first one allows you to choose the export resolution. My favorite is the second option, which tells you the export file and compression percentage in advance. It’s nice to see the size of the output file even before pressing the compress button. On other sites, the size of the compressed file is usually a surprise before the compression is complete.

Media.io has a dedicated desktop application. You should go ahead and download it if you compress videos regularly and need to batch compress the video.



Visit Media.IO

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5. FreeConvert

FreeConvert, as the name suggests, is a free tool for converting any kind of media. Unlike YouCompress and Media.IO, it allows you to choose the video output format, compression type, which is new. This way you can decide what kind of compression you need. It can be compressed by video size, video quality, or bitrate. The first option is aimed at reducing the file size, while the other two are aimed at compressing the video quality.

Moreover, if you find that the compression of the file is too low, it has a slider to further reduce the size of the target file by aggressively compressing it.



6. Converting

A convert is not really a video compressor, but a video converter. However, this is a lifesaver if you are having difficulty connecting to the Internet. In my case, when I need to view video files uploaded to Google Drive from a low internet area (hey WFH), I usually use A Convert. It can directly download your file from Google Drive or Dropbox, convert it to smaller files by changing the resolution, and let you upload them. So, I convert a 4k video on google drive to 480p and upload it via A Convert. This uses fewer data and provides faster download speeds.

In addition, it provides a wider range of file export options and compression options.



Visit AConvert Video

Compression results

To better understand the compression of these web applications, I compared them to one video file. All compression parameters are kept by default to avoid discrepancies.

Application Source File size Compressed file size
WhatsApp 98.2 MB 17 MB
EZGif 98.2 MB 32.3 MB
YouCompress 90.65 MB 20.34 MB
FreeConvert 98.2 MB 56.12 MB
Media.IO 98.2 MB 28.11 MB
A Convert 98 , 2 MB 60.2 MB

Closing words

I mainly use Media.IO to compress videos on the web due to the significantly smaller file size and a noticeable reduction in video quality. If I need to get a file from Google Drive, I use A Convert. There are tons of options on this list depending on your use case. If you have further problems or questions, let me know in the comment below.

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10 Best Online Video Compressor without Watermark

10 Best Online Video Compressor without Watermark.

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