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10 Best Discord Bots Every Server Owner Should Try

Armed with some of the best Discord bots, you can turn your text and voice server into a truly great vacation spot. We have selected some of the best options.

All of these Discord bots are free and very easy to set up. It should be noted that you should have a little understanding of Discord first, for example knowing how to create and configure your own Discord server is a good start.

Below we will share our favorite Discord bots and provide links where you can download these bots to your server today.

NuggetBot – Multipurpose Moderation Bot

Basic moderation bots are tedious, so instead we suggest NuggetBot, which has a range of moderation features, commands, and additional fun stuff for your Discord channel. Once NuggetBot is added to your server, you can manage everything from the NuggetBot dashboard on the Internet.

You can set up a welcome message for novice users and assign a role that will be blocked from players until they accept your welcome rules. You can customize controls for registering user information, and there are a variety of moderation tools.

You can also set up autocommands for Discord users to access. This includes commands to create random memes, anecdotes, or create basic arcade games that can be played on Discord.

EPIC RPG – RPG Loyalty Bot

EPIC RPG is a fun Discord bot designed to drive user loyalty across the economy. With the EPIC RPG installed, you can use the commands to hunt, fight, and find coins and loot.

You can also use teams to fight other players, and there are regular events every day that players can take part in together, such as dungeons and mini-bosses. Discord users can buy virtual items from the store to showcase their wealth on the server.

Pokecord – Pokemon Inspired Loyalty) Bot

Pokecord is known as one of the best Discord bots of all time. Why? Because it allows your Discord users to collect, fight, and catch Pokémon right from Discord. Discord users on your server can use commands to find Pokémon or fight others. Over time, your Pokémon will get higher and stronger.

Octave – easy to use Use the Music Bot

With Octave, you can play music from both SoundCloud and YouTube. Moderators will be able to pause, pause and delete songs. One of the best features of Octave is that it has good uptime, which means the server is unlikely to crash as often, so you’ll almost always be listening to music in the background.

If you don’t like Octave, we have some more great suggestions for Discord music bots.

MEE6 – Best Influencer Robot

If you have a large audience of fans, MEE6 is perfect. MEE6 is fairly comprehensive, with a suite of moderation tools targeted at content creators with large audiences. You can set up welcome messages and automatic roles so that users accept the rules before they join your server. You can create custom teams that can do anything, like send messages to specific people or assign specific roles.

MEE6 also has a tiering system to reward user engagement and loyalty, as well as strong customizable filters for clipping trolls or NSFW content. You can also use MEE6 to create alerts when content airs on Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit.

Carl-bot – more roles -Better and more chat records

It’s hard to describe what Karlbot does because he just does so much. One of the best things about Karlbot is its reaction roles. With it, you can customize messages that users can respond to. The response they choose will determine which roles are automatically applied. This is useful for allowing users to identify themselves to large servers.

Carl-bot can also log all messages and has a very powerful set of moderation tools so you can send bans, warnings or send invalid users to private rooms where they can discuss their wrongdoings.

DiscordTip – the tip for cryptocurrency

If you and your friends love cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use DiscordTip to make it easier to automate cryptocurrency transfers. There are two main use cases for DiscordTip: you can create commands so that users can send cryptocurrencies to each other, or you can configure them so that users can send tips to the owner of the Discord server.

You can also use DiscordTip to keep track of your cryptocurrency investments with a number of related commands.

Strodl – multiple fun Jobs bot

Strodl is a multi-purpose Discord bot with all kinds of entertainment features. You can use Strodl to play cards against humanity, engage in text adventures, and stream HD music. The Strodl bot can also be used to create an economy on your server.

It’s not as good as other economic bots, but Strodl is great for Discord server owners looking for a convenient way to distribute virtual loyalty currency to their users.

Dank Memer – memes and lots of fun

Dunk Memer is the biggest bot for creating memes and having fun with friends. One of the main features of Dunk Memer allows you to create popular meme formats with your own text.

Dank Memer also has a unique currency feature that lets you rob banks, steal money from your friends, and buy all kinds of silly items with your earnings. Dank Memer has some basic moderation tools built in, but it’s better to choose a different bot for this.

ProBot – the best panel Leadership / an interface to moderation in discord

There is no doubt that some of the best Discord bots seem a little old school – you often have to use text commands and no UI elements are given over to thinking.

ProBot mixes things up by introducing a standalone dashboard that you can use to create welcome pages, view Discord statistics, manage moderation queues, and set automatic replies to specific words. ProBot also has many great moderation tools, but it’s the powerful toolbar that makes it worthwhile.


This brings us to the end of our list of the best Discord bots. We hope you have found some bots that you can try on your server. If you’re still looking for a specific bot, why not drop us a line in the comments section?

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