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10 best calculator apps for Android 2020

Calc is the best calculator apps from the developers of, oddly enough, Today Weather. The developers did weather right and they also nailed the calculator app space as well. This is a simple, functional calculator app with a fairly typical UI. Some of the features include the ability to re-use old answers in your next calculation, a calculator history, and themes. It’s great for simple use, although some users complain about the advertising strategy and a few bugs here and there. We don’t recommend using this for your collegiate level trigonometry class, but it should do fine to help divide up a lunch check.
Calcu is one of the most popular calculator apps for Android. It features all of the basics. Some other features include a calculation history, memory keys, various customization features, themes, and gesture controls. It’s not a full scientific calculator, but it does have enough functions to go beyond what you normally find in basic calculators. The free version of the app contains advertising. You can remove ads for a single $1.99 purchase. Otherwise, the two versions are basically the same. It’s a good competitor for the stock calculator app that comes on most devices.


Price: Free

ClevCalc is a kind of all-in-one solution for calculator apps. It has a general use calculator with your usual operators. It also contains simple trigonometric and logarithmic functions. However, the thing that sets this calculator apart is all of the other stuff it can do. Some of its additional functionality includes currency conversion, unit conversion, a unit price calculator, and a variety of other tools. Another example is the discount calculator. You enter the price and the percentage off and the app will tell you its new retail price. We encourage you to check out the Play Store description for the full list because it is rather lengthy.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Price: Free
Demos Graphing Calculator is a good mobile substitute for the more popular graphing calculators. It can do basic stuff like most calculator apps. There is also a full assortment of scientific calculator options. It can also do graphs, tables, stats, and more. Graphs are interactive with tons of data to share. Additionally, tables and stats are customizable. It’ll work well for most types of academia. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases.

Digitalchemy calculator apps

Price: Free
Digitalchemy is a developer on Google Play. They have three total calculator apps. The first is Calculator Plus. It’s a basic calculator that does everything you’d expect a calculator app to do. The second is the Fraction Calculator. Its main focus is fractions. It lets you make calculations using them without breaking them down into decimal format. This is excellent for early mathematics, especially kids. The final one is an Artful Calculator. It’s essentially just Calculator Plus but with more artsy themes.

Financial Calculators

Price: Free

Financial Calculators are a series of calculators to help you make sense of your finances. It features dozens of modes that can help you quickly and easily calculate anything from 401k contributions to student loan repayment, home loan interest, and even how many taxes you owe out of each paycheck. There have been a few bugs reported with a few of the modes, but the vast majority of them work perfectly. Anybody who needs help with calculating their finances should check this out. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases. It does have ads, though.

Hindu Scientific Calculator

Price: Free / $1.49
Hindu Scientific Calculator is a surprisingly good scientific calculator. It does all of the basics correctly as it should. It also works with more advanced stuff like logarithms and other such things. The UI is clean and simple and the app includes over 1,000 math formulas. It adheres to the modern PEMDAS/BOMDAS method rather than the antiquated version. That may upset some people, but it’s still factually accurate. The pro version runs for $1.49.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

Price: Free / $2.99

HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the better calculator apps, especially for educational use. It has most of the basic scientific calculator functions, a built-in unit converter with over 200 units, and even some obscure features like a random number generator, permutations, etc. Most of the features are available in the free version with the pro version offering up to 100 decimal places and nine digits of exponents. This one also supports theming. The pro version runs for $2.99 but the free version works too.

MyScript Calculator 2

Price: $2.99
MyScript Calculator 2 is one of the more entertaining calculator apps for Android. It lets you write out your equation. The app uses OCR to translate it into text format and then helps you solve the problem. It’s easy to use, fun for kids and adults, and there’s a certain satisfaction with writing out the equation yourself. The app supports basic operations, powers, roots, exponentials, some trigonometry, logarithms, constants, and more. Thus, it’s usually good enough through high school and up through the collegiate levels for most people. However, those dabbling in super complicated math will max this app out fairly quickly.

Your phone’s calculator

Price: Free
Here’s the thing, folks. Unless you’re a student, a mathematician, or an accountant, you probably don’t need a super complicated calculator app. A lot of people only need these things for determining how to much to tip at a restaurant or counting down their cash drawers at the end of the night at work. For that, the calculator your phone already has is perfectly capable of doing the job. We really only recommend the other nine apps on this list if your built-in calculator is really bad. Don’t feel the need to download a third-party app just for the sake of it. For those interested, Google Calculator is linked at the button below if you want the most basic calculator that just works.

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